Care Service Providers

Clinical Commissioning Groups are looking to Care Service providers to deliver more within a constrained budget, whilst maintaining the quality levels they demand and our senior citizens deserve.

Providers must therefore find new ways to deliver care and streamline service delivery. By putting up to date, actionable insights, directly into the hands of health professionals and carers. Wisp enables this change today.

With Wisp, all the information and key concerns follow the patient through their journey. This enables earlier, planned transitions from acute beds to step down rehabilitative and social care provision in rehabilitation wards, extra care housing, residential nursing homes and ultimately at home.

Without having to rely on often-contradictory anecdotes, Wisp provides clear insights into an individual’s current level of function obtained through unobtrusively monitoring actual activities 24/7 and how they change over time.

With the actionable insights provided by Wisp, health professionals can ensure individuals gain quicker access to a more personalised care package, and keep this up to date as their needs and settings change.


  • Ensure service user lives independently for longer
  • Faster transitions from acute to rehabilitation to social care settings
  • Early warnings: reduce unplanned hospital admissions
  • Higher quality, evidence-based assessments without the need to rely on often contradictory anecdotes
  • Effective continuous assessment leads to fewer and more proactive re-assessments and interventions
  • Easy to incorporate into existing processes and quickly accepted


Using Wisp, Clinicians and care professionals can track changes in activities and behaviours.

The example in the screenshot (click the image for enlarged view) tracks the number of Night Wandering events over a period of time and shows an increase in disturbed nights in the last month. This may be noted as an early warning or could trigger an intervention.

In addition to Night Wandering a wide range of activities can be tracked such as hydration, medication and door entry/exit.

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