Community Operators

Wisp enables operators of sheltered housing and senior living communities to provide a differentiated residential experience and transform how they manage their resident’s needs, without having to increase staffing levels.

By discreetly remotely monitoring behaviours over time, operators can effectively help their residents live independently for longer by planning effective intervention, while maintaining their privacy.


  • Provide reassurance to family and loved ones that residents are receiving constant support
  • Enable on going assessment of an individuals needs, ensuring early warnings when changes in behaviour and function are identified
  • Joined up care is assured, as historic data can be passed to providers of other care services, minimising the need for lengthy waits for re-assessment


Combining information from a range of sensors, it is possible to determine whether complex events have occurred. In the example (click image for enlarged view), sensor data has been used to determine that three hot drinks have been prepared in the previous 24 hours. In context, this may be normal for this individual or it may indicate that hydration is an emerging problem.

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