Individuals & Families

Wisp provides peace of mind that your loved ones are safely going about their daily life. Though it’s a very good indication, we realise that simply tracking movement isn’t enough to provide a full picture. That’s why we combine information from a variety of sensors to understand daily routines and enable you to track these over time. You can set the boundaries and will receive SMS and email alerts when something out of the ordinary occurs. Alerts will always be delivered for critical events such as leaving the house at night.

Armed with an understanding of your loved ones daily routine, you’ll be able to enjoy a little extra freedom, plan visits more effectively, and receive extra reassurance if you’re unable to visit.


  • Simple and quick to install
  • No broadband or telephone line required
  • Discreet, non stigmatising sensors
  • SMS and email alerts direct to formal and informal carers, and trusted third parties


In addition to SMS and email alerts, a daily digest of activity can be sent to any trusted recipient, see screenshot (click image for enlarged view).

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